About Us

DragonFly Aerials is committed to artistically capturing the ultimate perfect angle and height, never before possible in aerial photography/videography. Co-owners and professional photographers Heather Leach-Richards and Roger Marcoux started Dragonfly Aerials LLC in 2010 and built DragonFly One, our state-of-the-art (at the time) hexakopter robotic camera platform from scratch. In those days you had to build everything yourself, including soldering all the circuit boards and components which we bought from all over the world. We adapted our own video glasses and video receivers and transmitters so we could see the view from the sky to be able to fly and frame the photos and videos perfectly. DragonFly One is still in our hangar, but now we fly large and small quadcopters with even greater capabilities, for manual photo, video and autonomous mapping flights. The technology has come a long way since we started, but along with it more rules and regulations as well as the new capbilities. We are fully licensed, registered and insured. Contact us for an estimate on your job.

Heather and Roger

DragonFly One on Mt Washington in the Early Days.